Architettura Sonora, marca distribuida por COMIBA

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Architettura Sonora (Historia)



Born with a mission “To get the best possible sound from the best looking speakers”, Architettura Sonora consists of a creative team of acousticians, engineers, architects and landscape designers sharing the same enthusiastic vision to redesign the reality of space and landscape through an immersive sound experience.
Launched in 2009 as a division of the B&C Speakers Group, one of the largest and most prestigious professional loudspeaker transducer manufacturers in the world, Architettura Sonora – AS – is a unique audio brand that has become in no time a pioneer in the sonic industry. Combining unparalleled expertise in design and innovation with the long-standing Italian forte, AS is a revolutionary designer of high-performing audio solutions and outdoor acoustic experiences, with an increasing imprint in the indoor world.

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